These are live Buddy Rich tracks from 1981, playing First Trumpet

These tracks were produced for Laura by myself and our engineer Tim Jaquette. As a student Laura sang with the Citrus Singers, the big band and pop groups. Early on I recognized Laura's unique talent, I felt it was important for her to have a vehicle to showcase that talent.  Laura has gone on to be one of the most sought after vocalists in LA. She performs at some of the finest jazz clubs and her talents appear on multiple recording sessions including Mad Men, currently she's touring with the Foo Fighters.                                                                             Program note:    You might recognize some of these arrangements from Linda Ronstadt's standards album " What's New" orchestrated by Nelson Riddle. We had the good fortune of having Linda's producer / manager John Boylan teach record production and songwriting. With Linda's blessing John secured copies of the entire CD, Laura choose the ones that spoke to her to record. The guitar duet "Blame it on my Youth" is one of Laura's favorite tunes, accompanied here by our guitar teacher Steve Cotter. The iconic pop tune "First time Ever I Saw your Face" was arranged, orchestrated and performed by jazz piano great Laurence Hobgood. With the exception of the string section the orchestra was our alumni a few current students and a couple of faculty.


The Entertainment Technology Complex Music Sample

A compilation of recordings by composers especially for a Promo for the Studios and Main Stage at Citrus.

As a side note, the trumpet section was Charlie Davis, myself and Walt Blanton.